From "Lost Gneration" to "Nonesenses"

Dear customers,

A lot things happened past two weeks, our team has been exhausted fighting over the difficulties we faced days and nights. We really appreciate all of you love and support even after we lost our Instagram account and tons of loyal customers. We would love to continuously provide you guys the most hyped premium streetwear that all of you loved!

2020 is a start of a new decade as well as us, here we rebrand us. We are changing the brand name from “Lost Generation” to “Nonesenses” hope you will like it. The site new link is but you still entering by our old domain for people who are frequently shopped with us it’s easier for them to just visit directly.

You can also contact us at email instead of if you have any question! Happy new year and stay tuned!

Name change: "Lost Generation" to "Nonesenses"

Logo change: to